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Founded in 2009, RollaDome All Skate was established with one thing in mind; young people, their families and providing a fun, safe and inclusive space where they can develop a passion for roller-skating.  As a charity and home of recreational skating, RollaDome celebrates skate culture by providing enjoyable and affordable classes and clubs for all. 

Bringing People Together Through Roller Sports!

Our Mission 

RollaDome’s mission is to positively impact the lives of young people and their families, by encouraging roller-skating as a fun recreational sport. We encourage them to pursue and appreciate an active and healthy lifestyle, to learn new skills that will further their personal development and to develop a sense of personal wellbeing.  

What we do 

There is no denying that roller-skating is a fun sport, but it offers so much more. It is an ideal method for learning self-discipline, improving your balance and dexterity, as well as laying the foundations of valuable life skills.  At RollaDome we also believe this is closely linked to staying healthy and so promote the importance of healthy living through the provision of programmes and sessions on healthy eating and nutrition.  

We provide all the equipment required to learn roller-skating and teach the sports basics through structured, non-competitive, team-based activities, in a safe and inclusive environment. From traditional lessons and community projects, to clubs, discos and corporate events; there is no one format for learning to roller-skate. 

Each individual coaching session lasts from one to two hours (depending on group availability). Our training programmes run for twelve weeks and we grade participants according to the system adopted by the National Governing Body of each roller sport. 



RollaDome AllSkate's Shop 


How does your purchase help? 

With every purchase, we can become a place where young people and families can always turn to Roller Sports without financial restrictions.  Your gift will take us one step closer to reaching our £440,000 target; allowing RollaDome to provide 44,000 hours of free roller-skating participation to children and young people.  

All over the UK, we work to create a fun, active and inclusive atmosphere through the recreational sport of roller-skating. We have currently worked with over 30 schools, holiday clubs and youth centres across all of London’s boroughs. 

Despite RollaDome being a registered charity, we are not fully funded by the government and so put a vast amount of love, time and energy into fundraising, to ensure our work within the community can continue.  

£10.00 could provide personal protective equipment for our team. £15.00 could provide 2 roller-skating lessons for a teenager needing a safe space to have fun and feel included. £30.00 could provide 4 roller-skating lessons for a child whose parents otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. 





RollaDome operates several successful roller-skating clubs across the UK, including youth and community engagement projects, holiday clubs and family orientated roller-skating events.  

The development of young people today is forever at the forefront of our minds here at RollaDome. In addition to providing roller-skating lessons, we also offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Leaders and other educational programmes, helping young people build life-long belief in themselves. 

That being said, we believe roller-skating is for any age, which is why we provide skating lessons and packages for everyone from 4 – 94 (and counting). 

RollaDome clubs and classes are led by a team of highly qualified members. Every coach is enhanced DBS checked, have received their Covid Safe Sports certificate, undergone safeguarding training and are qualified NGB Sports Leaders/Coaches. 

We ask that all our members and their guardians follow our club rules, to ensure that everyone has fun and is safe during our sessions

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