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Welcome to RollaDome All Skate Shop!

How does your purchase help? 

With every purchase, we can become a place where young people and families can always turn to Roller Sports without financial restrictions.  Your gift will take us one step closer to reaching our £440,000 target; allowing RollaDome to provide 44,000 hours of free roller skating participation to children and young people.  

All over the UK, we work to create a fun, active, and inclusive atmosphere through the recreational sport of roller-skating. We have currently worked with over 30 schools, holiday clubs, and youth centers across all of London’s boroughs. 

Despite RollaDome being a registered charity, we are not fully funded by the government and so put a vast amount of love, time and energy into fundraising, to ensure our work within the community can continue.  

£10.00 could provide personal protective equipment for our team. £15.00 could provide 2 roller-skating lessons for a teenager needing a safe space to have fun and feel included. £30.00 could provide 4 roller-skating lessons for a child whose parents otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford th